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QFK and Game Based Learning

QFK has designed a new learning game where teachers set the theme, the world-space where the game takes place, and the player can then explore and experience whatever permutations of that theme he or she desires. The possibility of different types of interactive narrative that are not bound to specific platforms or stationary mediums, using connected devices, GPS systems or networks (GPRS, UMTS) or multiple users seem limitless. The use of location to trigger events, the presence of other users experiencing the narrative in the near vicinity, and the ability to align the narrative with the general culture are all possibilities with emerging technology.

The QFK approach also requires the participants to draw upon a wide range of contextual content and to use new mobile devices in the creation and use of that content, whilst developing and playing game. Playful experiments with objects and ideas help develop our understanding of our place in the physical world while developing transferable skills which help us to secure our place within it.

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