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QFK - Quest for Knowledge

What is QFK ?
QFK is the Game Based Mobile Learning (GBML) Platform. It enables development and playing of mobile educational games. Games can be played via multimedia mobile devices (mobile phones, smart phones) or regular internet browser from the desktop computer, using WWW technologies only. Players may use additional multimedia devices, such as digital cameras, PDA's, or GPS devices. QFK was developed within the eMapps.com (Motivating Active Participation of Primary Schoolchildren in Digital Online Technologies for Creative Opportunities through Multimedia) 6th Framework Program STREP project.

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What Are Mobile Educational Games ?
Games are based on the previously prepared game scripts called Game Matrixes. These are basically game stories (narrative), plots, challenges and belonging multimedia objects that form the game in the platform. There are no technical obstacles to implement any kind of Game Matrix in the platform. Each game consists of multiple missions (layers). Each mission consists of multiple tasks that need to be completed by the teams of players. Games are played outside, in the real environment, on different locations and in real time by several teams of players. Each team is divided into two parts: Game Base (part of the team on the desktop computer) and Avatars (part of the team on the field). Each game is run by the Game Master who gives additional clues, misguides teams and tracks progress. Communication among players and game master is performed via integrated chat. Players submit their results as text answers, uploaded files (pictures, video, audio...), solved puzzles or set of geographical coordinates. Games are played by pupils of elementary or secondary schools. Game Masters are usually their teachers. Games cover topics from different curricula fields. Game stories are interesting, appealing and represent the modern approach to learning.

Why Mobile Educational Games?
Games, played in the QFK platform differ from regular computer games which usually define aims, rules or missions and are played in the pure virtual world. Mobile educational games take the players outside of their classrooms, involve real world and real people, blurred with alternate reality that can be defined in the game story. Using modern multimedia devices enable infinite possiblities of communication, social netorking and creation of multimedia content. Players learn through performance. This requires active participation and discovery, analysis, interpretation, problem solving, and physical activity. The educational value of the experience is not just the game itself, but creative coupling of educational media with effective pedagogy to engage students in meaningful practices.

Technical Requirements:
Mobile Clients: Nokia N70+, Nokia N90+, Sony Ericsson P1; OS Symbian s60+; Opera Web kit
Desktop clients: PC with internet access, Browser (FF2+, IE 6.0+)

Additional information:
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Ljubljana
Marko Papić, M. Sc.
e-mail: marko(dot)papic(at)fe(dot)uni-lj(dot)si

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